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25.10.2016. -
First inter-sector meeting

The Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, with the support of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), organised an inter-sector meeting  - Common path of the united state towards efficient and sustainable cooperation that was held on 25 October 2016 at Metropol Palace hotel in Belgrade.

The meeting was organised with the aim to initiate the inter-sector cooperation in Serbia that is expected to widen and upgrade the possibilities of the usage and exchange of the data from official records and thereby to improve the efficiency of the public administration, both in the sense of reduced costs and administrative burden, and regarding human resources.

The meeting was opened by Dr Miladin Kovačević, Director of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia and Marko Čadež, the President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. The following participants presented their contributions to the meeting:

        -  Ulf Durnell, R&D Head, Statistics Sweden I SCB
        -  Darinka Radojević, Acting Director, E-administration directorate 
        -  Prof. r Berislav Vekić, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Health 
        -  Ivana Milikić, Assistant Director – Central register of social contributions payers  
        -  Dr Gregor Virant, Director, Public administration reform team, Government of RS 
        -  Zoran Sutara Advisor to Director, Pension and disablement insurance fund 
        -  Dražen Maravić, Assistant to Minister, Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government 
        -  Dr Zoran Marković, Research Advisor, Institute of mathematics, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts/SASA
        -  Dr Nataša Kecman, Head of centre for services and intermediation, Serbian Chamber of Commerce 
        -  Saša Dulić i Rade Šević, Assistant Directors, Tax Administration 
        -  Milica Đorđević, Assistant Director, RS Property directorate  
        -  Katarina Milanović, Head of IS group, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development 
        -  Snežana Mitrović, Senior advisor, Serbian accounting and auditing association 
        -  Dijana Ilić Zogović,  Head, RS Secretariat for public policy
        -  Veselinka Škiljević i Dragica Obradović, RS statistical system coordinators, and  Tijana Čomić,
           Head of Group for sustainable development indicators, Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia  

The first inter-sector meeting received good attendance by representatives of all ministries and other government bodies, the civil society and the private sector.