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Register of spatial units and GIS

Register of spatial units, which is automatized base integrated in Geographic information system, and by which, in standardized way, performed is identification of the existing, new created and abolished spatial units, recording all their changes. Spatial units in the Register are: census units, statistical circles, settlements, cadastral municipalities, local communities, municipalities, cities, administrative districts, City of Belgrade, autonomous provinces and Republic of Serbia, and they are presented in GIS maps program.  

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22.01.2019. - Changes in settlements, municipalities and cities, 2018

As of 01.01.2019

On the basis of the "Law on Amendments to the Law on Territorial Organization of the Republic of Serbia", the municipalities: Bor and Prokuplje receive the status of the city (Official Gazette of RS, No. 47/2018, 20 June 2018).

Note: On the territory of the Republic of Serbia, during 2018, there were no administrative - territorial changes in settlements, municipalities, city municipalities and cities.

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