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The Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia (SORS) strives to provide this site with the availability of statistical data and information related to the competencies and activities of SORS. Consequently, SORS endeavours to ensure that all the data and information contained in this site are accurate, reliable and updated. However, SORS will not be liable for any possible damage that may arise, as a direct or indirect consequence of the decision made or the activities undertaken, based on usage of the data and information from this site.

Even though the SORS attempts to minimize the possibility of occurrence of technical problems or interruptions in the website’s operation, the SORS cannot guarantee that such problems and interruptions shall not occur, nor shall it be liable for any damage arising from them.

The SORS holds copyright for the entire content of this website, including database and publications, graphic, textual, programme and other materials.The SORS will protect its copyright in accordance with regulations governing copyright and related rights.

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The SORS warns that any change, deletion or destruction, interruption of access or deliberate damage to data on the SORS website is prohibited and unlawful.


Visual elements (photos)
Photos are taken over from Shutterstock.com and Pixabay.com and are used in line with the agreed rules of use,  except if stated otherwise on the photo.  

Personal data protection

Any personal data given to the SORS on a voluntary basis shall be collected, used and processed by the SORS in line with regulations on personal data protection.