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Energy statistics provides the information on purchase, trade, stocks, transformation and consumption of energy/ energy commodities. All data are harmonized with standards of Eurostat and International Energy Agency, thus being comparable on international level. Detailed, complete and timely data on energy statistics are necessary for monitoring the energy situation on national level, and are significant for decision making related to state energy policy managing.  


Annual Energy Balances for Electricity, Heat, Blast Furnace Gas, Coal, Oil and Oil Derivates, Natural Gas, Geothermal Energy, Wood Fuels, Biogas, and Industrial Waste are available as final results for 2020 year link.

Annual data are available in the database entitled Annual data and Еnergy balances. In the database, energy balances can be formed by selecting all flows. Balance were constructed according to the principles of Eurostat's new concept of energy balance, which was published at the end of January 2019. The structure of the energy balance is HERE

Construction of energy balances according to the old Eurostat concept can be realised on data that which is in the database called Annual data - archive. The data were archived by the end of 2017 and will not be corrected in the future.

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Energy Balances in pdf format