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14.05.2021. - Input price indices in agriculture, I Quarter 2021

Input prices in agriculture in I Quarter 2021 were increased by 7.1% in relation to I Quarter 2020.

14.05.2021. - Issued building permits, March 2021

In March 2021, 2 029 building permits were issued, presenting the increase of 19.8% related to March 2020. Out of the total number of permits issued in March 2021, 79.2% related to buildings and 20.8% to civil engineering. When referring only to buildings, 68.4% related to residential buildings and 31.6% to non–residential ones, while regarding civil engineering, the largest number related to pipelines, communication and electric power lines (73.8%). 

12.05.2021. - Consumer price indices by COICOP, April 2021

Prices of goods and services used for personal consumption in April 2021 in relation to March 2021 Increased by 1.1% on average (index 101.1).

12.05.2021. - Indices of producer prices of agricultural and fishing products, March 2021

Producer prices of agricultural and fishing products in March 2021, compared to the same month of 2020, were increased by 9.4% average.

10.05.2021. - Construction activity, I Quarter 2021

According to the data collected in the first quarter of 2021, value of construction works done on the territory of the Republic of Serbia increased by 20.0% at current prices, while, at constant prices, the increase amounted to 20.7% relative to the first quarter of 2020. Observed by types of constructions, value of performed works on buildings increased by 17.5%, and on civil engineering by 22.7%, at constant prices.

06.05.2021. - Drinking water supply, 2020

In 2020, for the purpose of drinking water supply, quantity of abstracted water amounted to 677 million m3, which represents 1.4% more water compared to the same period in 2019. From the total volume of abstracted water, 63.5% related to underground and spring water, 26.6% was from watercourses, and 9.9% was the water from lakes and accumulations.

The total water distributed to customers amounted to 437 million m3, which is by 0.2% more water than the amount distributed in 2019.

Water distributed to households amounted to 328 million m3 and it is 75% of total distributed water. 43 million m3 were distributed to industrial sector (9.8%), and amount of water distributed to other users was 67 million m3 (15.3%).

06.05.2021. - Protection against damaging water effects, 2020

The total area defended from flooding amounted to 1 579 479 hectares, presenting the increase of 5.5%, compared to 2019. Utilized agricultural land represents 77.4% of total protected land. Total length of embankment was 3 628 km. The greatest share in total protected area related to the Danube basin, 61.9%, followed by two other basins, of the Morava – 19.6% and the Sava – 18.5%.

06.05.2021. - Urban wastewater, 2020

Total quantity of urban wastewater in 2020 decreased by 0.7%, relative to the referent period 2019, of which the amount of wastewater discharged into wastewater collecting system decreased by 1.3% relative to 2019. The amount of wastewater discharged into septic tanks increased by 1.0% compared to 2019.

20.05.2021. Retail prices of agricultural products, First week of the current month 2021
21.05.2021. Forest growing and silviculture, 2020
25.05.2021. Live births and deaths, January-April 2021
25.05.2021. Average salaries and wages per employee, March 2021
26.05.2021. Indices of average prices in external trade, January-March 2021
28.05.2021. Felling of trees, 2020
31.05.2021. Turnover of retail trade of goods, April 2021
31.05.2021. Tourist turnover, April 2021
31.05.2021. Exports and imports, April 2021
31.05.2021. External trade of goods , EUR, April 2021
31.05.2021. External trade of goods , USD, April 2021
31.05.2021. External trade of goods , RSD, April 2021
31.05.2021. Indices of stocks of finalized industrial products, April 2021
31.05.2021. Industrial production indices, April 2021
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