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21.05.2024. -
2023 Census of Agriculture

In the brochure "2023 Census of Agriculture", the Republic Statistical Office  publishes an overview of the basic indicators in agriculture of the Republic of Serbia, which was obtained based on the final results of the 2023 Census of Agriculture. The basic indicators refer to the number of agricultural holdings, the area of used agricultural land - in total and by category use, livestock, irrigation, mechanization and labourforce on agricultural holdings.

According to the final data of the 2023 Census of Agriculture, the number of agricultural holdings in the Republic of Serbia is 508,325. Of the total number of agricultural holdings, 2,002 holdings are owned by legal entities and entrepreneurs, while the rest (99.6%) are family holdings. Zlatiborska oblast has the largest share in the total number of agricultural holdings (8.5%).

The area of used agricultural land (UAA) is 3,239,373 ha, where arable land covers 77.7%. During the 2022/2023 agricultural year, 8.3% of UAA was irrigated, mainly with ground waters at the holdings - surface method.

61.7% of households raise livestock, with the most common herd size: 3-9 heads of cattle, 1-2 heads of pigs, 3-9 heads of sheep. Cattle and sheep are mostly raised in the Region Šumadije i Zapadne Srbije, while pigs and poultry are raised in the Region Vojvodine.

Тotal number of two-axle tractors is 482,498, with one tractor cultivating an average of 6.7 ha of UAA. 8 out of 10 holdings use their own tractor in agricultural production.

The majority of agricultural holdings (69%) have one to two persons engaged in agricultural production. In the total number of managers, women participate with 23%. The average number of annual work units (AWU) per holding is 0.99.

As for the age structure of family holdings, 44.7% of owners are over 65 years old, while only 0.9% are 15-25 years old.

The final results of the 2023 Census of Agriculture will be published in the dissemination database on the RZS website: www.stat.gov.rs, successively during 2024, and by the end of 2025 at the latest. Special publications with an analysis of the state of agriculture in the Republic of Serbia will be available in the first half of 2025.