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01.12.2023. -
Indicators of innovation activities, 2023

The share of business entities with at least one type of innovation is 51.14%. More than 67% of large business entities are innovative, about 56% of medium-sized business entities, while among small business entities about 50% are innovative. Innovative activities are almost equally distributed among business entities engaged in production and service activities – innovations were introduced by about 50% of business entities.

When it comes to regional distribution, product and process innovations had the share of over 47%, but they were not equally distributed by regions. Regional distribution of product and process innovations ranged from 48.2% (Beogradski region) to 8% (Region Južne i Istočne Srbije).

The largest percentage of innovative enterprises were in the section Accommodation and food service activities, 64.5% and Wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles, 61%, while the smallest percentage related to innovative enterprises in the section of Mining and quarrying, 23.3%.

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