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02.11.2023. -
"Digital population and housing census - experience of Serbia"

In the October edition of the magazine "Statistical news. The Polish Statistician" (Wiadomości Statystyczne. The Polish Statistician, vol. 68, 2023, 10) published the paper "Digital population and housing census - the experience of Serbia".

The paper presents the experience of the Republic of Serbia in conducting 2022 Census of Population, Households and Dwellings, with a focus on employment, the legal framework and financing of the census, as well as on its successful implementation. The authors of the paper are Dr Miladin Kovačević, Mira Nikić, Branko Josipović, Snežana Lakčević, Vesna Pantelić, Nevena Mitrović, Adil Kolaković and Petar Korović.

You can download the paper on the following link: https://ws.stat.gov.pl/Index.

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