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20.03.2023. -
Significant progress of Serbia on the Open Data Watch list

According to the ODIN ranking for 2022, Serbia is on the 30th place out of total of 192 countries in the world, which represents an improvement of 17 places compared to the previous ranking, carried out in 2020. Serbia increased its total score from 63 to 69 points.

In the Southern Europe region, Serbia is on the 4th place, behind Slovenia, Spain, and Portugal, and ahead of Italy, North Macedonia, Croatia, and Albania. On the European level, Serbia is on the 19th place - the first-ranked European countries are Poland, Denmark and Finland, while behind Serbia are Bulgaria, France, Great Britain, Hungary, etc.

ODIN (Open Data Inventory) compares and shows how complete the statistical offer of a given country is and whether statistical data meet international standards of openness.

The overall ranking result is a combination of data coverage and their openness results. In the period between the two rankings (2020 and 2022), Serbia advanced by 6 points at the overall level - by 6 points in the domain of coverage and by 7 points in the domain of openness.

The overall assessment of ODIN shows the volume of published data important for monitoring sustainable development, as well as the degree of openness of data published by national statistical institutes/ offices.

The review takes into account whether indicators describing the selected areas of socio-economic life and the environment are published, then the length of time series, as well as the provision of information at sub-national territorial levels. In addition, it is important whether published data are available to all users and are in machine-readable formats.

The entire Report is available on the portal https://odin.opendatawatch.com/ and detailed information on the results of Serbia can be found at the following link: