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11.01.2023. -
Irrigation, 2022

During 2022, total of 99 355 thous.m3 of water were abstracted for irrigation, being by 7.3% more than in the previous year. Water was mostly pumped from water currents (89.8%), while the rest of quantities were abstracted from the groundwater, lakes and reservoirs and from public water supply network.

Sprinkling was the most used type of irrigation. Of the total irrigated surface, 91.8% were irrigated by sprinkling, 8.1% by drop-by-drop and only 0.1% by surface irrigation. 

During 2022, in the Republic of Serbia, 54 639 ha of agricultural land were irrigated, 4.6% more than in the previous year. Of the total irrigated area, arable land and gardens accounted for 93.4% of the irrigated area, followed by orchards (share of 5.4%) and other agricultural land (share of 1.3%).

The survey on irrigation includes business entities and agricultural cooperatives that are engaged in agricultural production and services in agriculture and/ or manage irrigation systems.