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30.11.2021. -
Labour market dynamics in the third quarter 2021

In the third quarter 2021, number of the employed amounted to 2 924 500, and number of the unemployed to 341 500. Employment rate for the mentioned period amounted to 50.0%, while unemployment rate, in the same period, had the value of 10.5%.

According to the LFS data for the third quarter 2021, relative to the second quarter of 2021, regarding population aged 15 and over, the number of the population out of the labour force recorded decrease (-95 600) on the account of increased active population (+83 000). In scope of active population contingent, increased was the number of the employed (+93 400) and decreased number of the unemployed (-10 500).

On quarter-to-quarter level, the unemployment rate decreased by 0.6 pp and the rate out of the labour force population by 1.5 pp, amounting in the third quarter 2021 to 10.5% and 44.2%, respectively. At the same time, the employment rate went up by 1.7 pp, amounting to 50.0% in the third quarter 2021. Total employment increased by 93 400, whereof formal employment increased by 36 500, and informal employment increased by 57 000.

According to the Labour Force Survey for the third quarter of 2021, compared to the third quarter of 2020, the employment rate increased by 2.2 pp, unemployment rate by 0.7 pp, while the rate of population out of the labour force decreased by 2.8 pp.

In the third quarter of 2021, compared to the third quarter of 2020, there was a year-on-year decrease in the population out of the labour force (-183 900), primarily due to employment growth (+107 700), and also unemployment (+ 36 600). The total observed population (population aged 15 and over) decreased by 39 600.

From 2021. Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia conduct Labor Force Survey according to the new redesigned Eurostat methodology. More information on methodological changes and their effects on major statistical indicators are available in the special publication «Labor Force Survey, new methodology 2021”, on the web page https://www.stat.gov.rs/en-US/oblasti/trziste-rada/anketa-o-radnoj-snazi