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24.09.2021. -
Realized production of wheat and early fruit and expected yields of late crops, fruit and grapes, status as 05.09. 2021

According to the previous data as of September 5th, 2021, realized production of wheat amounts to 3 538 thousand tons, which is by 23.1% more than the previous year production. Realized production of raspberries increased by 10.1% and of sour cherries decreased by 6.4%.

Expected maize production amounts to 6 241 thousand tons, which is by 20.7% less than production in the previous year. Compared to 2020, increased production is expected referring to sugar beet (by 1.5%), and decreased production of sunflower (by 6.1%) and soya (by 27.0%).

Compared to ten-year average (2011-2020), production of wheat increased by 35.9%, of sunflower by 8.4% and of soya, by 4.7%, and decreased was the production of maize by 0.7%, and of sugar beet by 21.8%.

Compared with the production realized in the previous year, expected is increased production of apples (by 4.9%) and decreased production of plums (by 29.1%). Relative to ten-year average, expected is increased production of apples (by 22.3%) and decreased production of plums (by 8.2%). Expected grapes production in the Republic of Serbia is by 2.9% smaller than in 2020, which is by 3.9% less, compared to ten-year average production.

Final data on production of crops, fruit and grapes in 2021 will be published during March 2022.

Starting from 1999 the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia has not at disposal and may not provide available certain data relative to AP Kosovo and Metohija and therefore these data are not included in the coverage for the Republic of Serbia (total).

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