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17.09.2021. -
Air Emissions Account, 2019

2 emission in 2019 amounted to 395.4thousand tons (Gg), presenting the increase of 14.0% relative to the previous year. Total emissions of SО2 in the section of Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply has the share of 91.5% with slight increase relative to the 2018. The share of SО2 emission in the section of Manufacturing was 4.3%, in other sections of economic activities, it was 1.7% and in Households 2.5%.

Of the total of 329.9thousand tons (Gg) of emitted CO in 2019, 60.9% related to emissions from households. The emissions of households caused by the heating method amounted to 92.8%. The sections of economic activities have significantly smaller shares in total CO emissions, and the section of Manufacturing noted increase of this gas emission (6.3%) relative to the previous year.

Emission of NОx, with 139.8thousand tons emitted gases, recorded increase of 6.8% relative to the previous year. Emission of the mentioned gases from households, in the sense of transport, recorded increase of 2.0%, and decrease in the section of Agriculture, forestry and fishing (5.2%).

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