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15.06.2021. -
Construction works abroad, 2020

The total value of works that contractors from the Republic of Serbia performed abroad in 2020 amounted to 22 261 million RSD. The largest construction activity, observed by countries, was noted in the Russian Federation, 45.8% of the total value of works performed, then in Germany, 16.3%, Uganda, 7.5% and Bulgaria, 6.9%.

In 2020, when observed by type of constructions, works done on buildings amounted to 11 505 million RSD, which is almost 51.7% of the value of works done.

The total number of employees from the Republic of Serbia that were engaged abroad by our contractors amounted 1 937. Most of them worked in Germany, the Russian Federation, Bulgaria and Montenegro.

In 2020, most of works were contracted in Bulgaria, followed by the Russian Federation, Germany, Peru and Uganda.