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14.02.2020. -
Number of livestock, аs of 01.12.2019

According to the data presented in this statistical release, in the Republic of Serbia, as of December 1st 2019 and relative to the data as of December 1st 2018, total number of cattle increased (by 2.3%), and of pigs (by 4.3%), while total number of sheep decreased (by 4.1%), of goats (by 2.4%) and of poultry (by 2.8%).

Cattle breeding is the most frequent in Region Šumadije i Zapadne Srbije (46.2%), in relation to total number of cattle on the territory of the Republic of Serbia and pigs raising is the most common in Region Vojvodine (42.4%).

Compared to ten-annual average (2009-2018), total number of cattle decreased by 2.5%, of pigs by 9.1%, of goats by 12.9% and of poultry by 13.1%, while total number of sheep increased by 0.7%.

Final data on livestock number, by types and categories, as well as data on livestock balance and livestock production will be published in April of the current year.