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31.08.2018. -
Employment growth in the second quarter

In the second quarter of 2018, number of the employed amounted to 2 896 800, and number of the unemployed to 391 600. Employment rate, amounting to 48.6%, presents the highest value in the period 2014-2018 (for which the comparable data series are available). Activity rate amounted to 55.2% and unemployment rate to 11.9%.

Relative to the first quarter 2018, employment increased by 208 500. Increased employment reflected to decreased unemployment (by 77 200) and inactivity (by 139 300). Number of inactive persons amounted to 2 670 900. Employment rate increased by 3.6 percentage points (p.p.), while unemployment and inactivity rates decreased by 2.9 and 2.3 p.p., respectively.

Relative to the second quarter of the previous year, on the level of total population, there was no statistically significant change in the number of employed and unemployed population. Number of formally employed increased by 46 600, whereof formal employment in agriculture decreased by 37 400, and in activities excluding agriculture, it increased by 84 000, mostly in manufacturing. For comparisons purposes, registered employment excluding agriculture has, according to the records of Central Registry for Compulsory Social Insurance, in the same period, increased by 71 200, also mostly in manufacturing.