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Monthly survey on arrivals and guests' overnight stays covers all types of accommodation establishments (hotels, boarding houses, motels, apartments, camp sites...), thus providing complete coverage. However, certain number of tourists accommodated in establishments owned by physical persons (private rooms, houses and dwellings) is not included as the guests are not registered. Statistical survey on tourist agencies covers agencies with head offices in the Republic of Serbia, which possess the license to mediate in tourism operations.


In all the publications of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, starting from 2022 data on tourist turnover will be published on the basis of the statistical processing of data retrieved from the administrative source, Central Information System in Catering and Tourism (eTourist).

Up to December 2021 inclusive, the data were collected and published based on the statistical survey on tourist arrivals and overnights in accommodation facilities (TU-11).

As the data source has been changed, which has directly impacted the coverage, the results obtained from the survey TU-11 (up to December 2021 inclusive) and from the administrative source eTourist (since January 2022) are not absolutely comparable at all levels.

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31. October 2023. Tourist turnover, September 2023

In the Republic of Serbia, in September 2023, compared to September 2022, number of tourist arrivals was by 3.3% greater, while number of tourist overnight stays was by 9.5% lower.

In September 2023, compared to September 2022, number of overnight stays of domestic tourists was by 21.9% lower while number of overnight stays of foreign tourists was by 12.8% greater.

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