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Foreign Affiliates in the Republic of Serbia (inward FATS)

This statistics describe enterprises that are residents in the reporting country (Republic of Serbia), and are under control of foreign enterprises. This refers to enterprises with 50% and over of the foreign capital (from one or several countries). The main aim of this statistics is showing the share of these enterprises in national economy and their influence. Results are presented by CA sections (sections B-J, L-N and S95) and countries with the head office of the last institutional unit controlling the foreign subsidiary. It is the institutional unit that is the last one in the control chain, over which no other unit performs control.    
From the reference year 2017, in order to ensure international comparability of data, the scope of activities include division 95 Repair of computers and personal and household goods, from the section S Other service activities.

Key figures
Share in total number of enterprises
3.2 %
Share in total number of persons employed
24.2 %
Share in total value added
34.8 %
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Foreign Affiliates by activities and by countries of ultimate controlling institutional unit