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Annual indicators of business entities

Structural indicators of business entities are divided into: demographic (number of units, number of new created units, number of local units etc.); those which refer to inputs (number of persons employed, number of employees, hours worked, personnel costs etc.); those which relate to output (turnover, value of output, value added, gross operating surplus, etc.). Calculated are in annual and multi-annual periodicity. Reporting units are enterprises, part of the other legal units (who are market oriented) as well as entrepreneurs who provide an annual financial report. Results are presented by CA activities (sections B-J, L-N, P-R, divisions S95 and S96), as well as by size of business entities.


From the reference year 2021, there have been methodological changes in the Annual Structural Business Survey, which must be taken into account when comparing with the data until 2021.

The changes refer to the extension of the reporting units coverage, which, in addition to enterprises and part of other legal units, also includes a part of entrepreneurs who provide an annual financial report.

In addition, from the reference year 2021, with the entry into force of the new European regulations related to business statistics, the coverage of activities has been extended in the survey by including the sections CA P, Q and R, as well as divisions CA 95 and 96 from section S.


Key figures
Number of of business entities
203 158
Number of persons employed
1 701 015
Value added (mill. RSD)
4 138 225