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Births and deaths

The statistics on births and deaths collect, process and publish data on the number, demographic and economic characteristics of the births and deaths as the basic factors of the natural population changes, as well as data on the cause of the death of the deceased person.

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28.06.2019. - Vital events, 2018

In 2018 in the Republic of Serbia, the number of live births was 63 975, while the number of deaths amounted to 101 655. The natural increase was -37 680.

By order of birth, the most numerous were first-born children - 30 327 (47.4%) and second-born ones - 22 870 (35.7%). Observed by age, first-born children were born mostly to mothers aged 25-29, while second-born children were born to mothers aged 30-34. Most births were in July, August and October.

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