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Household Budget Survey

Data on consumption and income of households, on demographic, economic and social characteristics of households, as well as data on living conditions, availability of durables in households, etc. 


Data from 2015 Household Budget Survey is published on the Eurostat website. Individual consumption is monitored according to the international classification COICOP (Classification of Personal Consumption by Purpose), which presents individual consumption in 12 main groups. For the purpose of comparability of data on household expenditures among different countries, Eurostat includes data on the imputed rent value in group 04 - Housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels. Data on the amount of imputed rent are collected for the owners of the apartment / house and other categories of tenants other than subtenants. The data represents the assumed amount of the rent for the apartment which the household would pay if the same apartment / house were rented. In the Survey, the amount of this information is derived from self-declaration of the household and is not shown as an integral part of the individual consumption of households in the publications issued by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia.

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31.03.2020. - Income in money and in kind and individual consumption of households, 2019

In 2019, the average monthly income in money and in kind, per a household (all households), amounted to 66 880 RSD and the individual consumption expenditures of the households amounted to 67 099 RSD. Relative to 2018, the average monthly income in money and in kind increased by 4.9% and the individual consumption expenditures of the households increased by 4.1% in nominal terms.

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