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Forestry statistics collects and publishes the data on territory covered by forests, in private and state sector, production of forest assortments in state forests on monthly level, state and private forests' exploitation on annual level, performed works regarding plantations and intensive plantings on annual level, damages to state forests and damages to private forests on annual level, construction facilities, roads and machinery on annual level and data on game number and game shot.   

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28.05.2019. - Forests felling, 2018

Volume of works, related to felling timber in the Republic of Serbia in 2018, compared to the previous year, increased by 2%; in Beogradski region, it increased by 19%, and in region Vojvodine, it decreased by 3%; in Region Šumadije i Zapadne Srbije, the increase of 3% was noted, and in Region Južne i Istočne Srbije, the volume of works remained on 2017 level. Total felled timber volume in 2018 was about 3.3 million m3. The greatest part of it, about 1.6 million m3 (50%) was used as fuel wood. Gross felled timber volume in and outside state forests was about 2.3 million m3, while it amounted to about 921 000 m3 in and outside private forests.    

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