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Higher Education

Statistics of tertiary education provides data on students enrolled and graduated in the first stage studies (basic academic and vocational), the second-stage studies (master, specialized academic and vocational) and the third grade studies (doctoral studies - PhD), the teachers and assistant researchers at this level of education.

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26. June 2023. Graduate students, 2022

A total of 28 442 students graduated both at State and private universities, among whom 78.4%, i.e. 22 288 students graduated at State and 21.6%, i.e. 6 154 at private universities.

A total of 8 509 students graduated both at State academies / higher schools of applied studies and private higher schools of applied studies, among whom 83.9% graduated at State and 16.1% at private higher schools of applied studies.

Observed by the way of financing, of the total number of students 37.3% were budget beneficiaries, 46.5% were self-financing and 16.2% were financed from the budget and self-financing.

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