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Housing statistics provides data on  housing stock, constructed dwellings, demolished dwellings and average prices of new construction dwellings. Total available housing stock on the territory of the Republic of Serbia is based on data from Census of population, households and dwellings. Data on constructed and demolished dwellings enable computation of housing stock for inter-census years. 


The Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia has used the available administrative data source for the calculation of the average price of new construction dwellings, which is kept by the Republic Geodetic Authority, since 2019. All new construction dwellings sold in urban settlements are included, and the average prices of new construction buildings are calculated on the basis of these data. In this way, full coverage and price calculation were ensured for all municipalities where the sale of three or more new construction dwellings was registered.

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16.09.2019. - Annual prices of new construction dwellings, first half 2019

Sale of dwellings of new construction in the Republic of Serbia in the first half of 2019 was registered in 68 municipalities/ cities. Average area of sold dwellings of new construction in the Republic of Serbia amounted to 53 m². Average prices of new construction dwellings ranged from 42 693 per m2 in Tutin up to 345 499 RSD in Belgrade municipality Savski venac.

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Key figures
Number of completed dwellings
18 051
Floor area of completed dwellings, m2
1 336 589