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15.10.2019. -
Poverty and Social Inequality, 2018

The at-risk-of-poverty rate was 24.3% in 2018 (these persons are not necessarily poor, but are at the higher risk of poverty than the others), and compared to 2017, it was lower by 1.4 percentage points.

Beside this, the at-risk-of-poverty or social exclusion rate amounted to 34.3% (these persons are at risk of poverty, or are severely materially deprived, or live in households with low work intensity), and it was lower by 2.4 percentage points relative to 2017.

Observed by age, the at-risk-of-poverty rate shows that individuals aged 18-24 were the most exposed to the poverty risk (29.1%), as well as individuals up to 18 years of age (28,8%).The lowest at-risk-of-poverty rate was recorded for the group of persons aged 65 years and over (21.1%).

By the type of household, individuals in households composed of two adults with three or more dependent children were at the highest risk of poverty (53.6%), followed by individuals below 65, living in single-person households (37.2%).

According to the activity status for persons aged 18 and over, the most exposed to the at-risk-of-poverty were unemployed persons (49.0%), while the lowest at-risk-of-poverty rate was recorded for employees working for employers (6,8%). In case of self-employed persons, this rate amounted to 31.0%. The at-risk-of-poverty rate for pensioners was 17.1%.