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Births and deaths

The statistics on births and deaths collect, process and publish data on the number, demographic and economic characteristics of the births and deaths as the basic factors of the natural population changes, as well as data on the cause of the death of the deceased person.

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25. July 2024. Live births and deaths, January-June 2024

Number of live births in the Republic of Serbia in the period Janury-June 2024 amounted to 28 606. Compared with the same period of the previous year, when the number of live births was 29 203, noted was the decrease in live births by 597, i.e. 2.0%.

Number of deaths in the Republic of Serbia in the period January-June 2024 amounted to 48 864, and if related to the same period 2023, when it was 49 618, it recorded decrease by 754, or 1.5%.


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