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MICS 6: 2 September – 10 November 2019

MICS (Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey) represents a survey programme that is globally prepared by UNICEF in cooperation with various UN agencies. The survey is implemented working together with National Statistical Institutes on five-year basis.

This is the sixth MICS round in Serbia and the survey is anticipated to be implemented in the period from 2 September to 10 November 2019.

National Health Survey of the Republic of Serbia, 2019

The Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, in cooperation with the Institute for Public Health of Serbia and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia, with the financial support of the EU, will conduct, from 6 October to 30 December 2019, the Survey of Health of the Population of Serbia 2019.

The Serbian Population Health Survey is a national survey conducted in accordance with international standards, every six years.

12.11.2019. - Construction activity of the contractors from the Republic of Serbia, III Quarter 2019

According to the data collected in the third quarter of 2019, value of construction works done on the territory of the Republic of Serbia increased by 39.6% at current prices, while at constant prices, the increase amounted to 39.9% relative to the third quarter of 2018.

12.11.2019. - Consumer price indices by COICOP, October 2019

Prices of goods and services used for personal consumption in October 2019 in relation to September 2019 increased by 0.1% on average.

12.11.2019. - Indices of producer prices of agricultural and fishing products, September 2019

Producer prices of agricultural and fishing products in September 2019, compared to the same month of 2018, were increased by 1.0% average.

31.10.2019. - Industrial production indices, September 2019

The industrial production in the Republic of Serbia in September 2019 increased by 1.6% relative to September 2018 and in relation with 2018 average, it increased by 3.5%.

31.10.2019. - Retail trade turnover, September 2019

According to the preliminary results, the turnover of retail trade in the Republic of Serbia in September 2019, compared to September 2018, increased by 7.7% at current prices and by 7.3% at constant prices.

31.10.2019. - External trade, current period and September 2019

The overall external trade in the Republic of Serbia for the period January - September 2019 amounted to:

   - USD 34089.8 million - which was an increase of 1.6% compared to the same period 2018;

   - EUR 30323.8 million - which was an increase of 7.9% compared to the same period 2018.

15.11.2019. Input price indices in agriculture, III Quarter 2019
15.11.2019. Household Budget Survey, 2018
15.11.2019. Issued building permits, September 2019
15.11.2019. Industrial turnover indices, September 2019
15.11.2019. Publishing activity – Papers and magazines, 2018
20.11.2019. Investments in fixed assets, 2018
20.11.2019. Expenditures for environmental protection, 2018
20.11.2019. Retail prices of agricultural products, First week of the current month 2019
22.11.2019. First time registered road motor vehicles and trailers and injury road accidents, III Quarter 2019
22.11.2019. Border traffic of passenger motor vehicles and passengers, III Quarter 2019
25.11.2019. Average salaries and wages per employee, September 2019
26.11.2019. Indices of average prices in external trade, January-September 2019
26.11.2019. Indices of average prices in external trade, III Quarter 2019
29.11.2019. Regional GDP, 2018
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