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Estimates of population

Population estimates are based on results of population census and results of processing of natural and mechanical population changes. Estimation results are done by sex, age, type of settlement and are published up to the level of municipalities. Apart from the mid-year estimation, presenting average estimated population number in the referent year, available are also the data on population number at the beginning of the observed year (January 1st) and at the end of the same year (December 31st).   

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29.06.2018. - Estimated population, 2017

The estimated number of population of the Republic of Serbia in 2017 is 7 020 858 inhabitants, of which the share of females equalled 51.3% (3 601 043) and of males 48.7% (3 419 815). The trend of depopulation went on, which means that the coefficient of population increase was negative when related to the previous year, i.e. equalled -5.3‰.

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