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There are two libraries of the Statistical Office of Serbia on the territory of Belgrade. The library on the premises of the Ministry of Finance, 20 Kneza Milosa Street is intended for foreign users, as well as for the employed in the public administration, scientists, researchers and students. Users of the library fund in headquarters of SORS, 5 Milana Rakica Street are primarily employees of SORS.

In regional departments of the Office, as well as in special organizational units located in 15 towns of Serbia, users can find required statistical data, including detailed statistical documentation of the specified territory, i.e. referent municipality.


Library fund in Kneza Milosa 20

The library contains extensive domestic and foreign expert literature from the area of statistics. 

Encompassed is the publishing activity of the Federal Statistical Office (FNRY and SFRY) and of the statistical offices of former SFRY republics, Statistical Office of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro, as well as SORS publications until 2016.

Additionally, statistical publications from over 60 counties of the world, gained through international exchange, as well as the publications of international organizations, such as UN, OECD, FAO, ILO, WTO, WHO, etc. are available to users. 

Library fund in Milana Rakica 5

It covers the publishing activity of the SORS since its establishment. 

Particularly, as the funds of special importance, the library keeps census books from the period of the Kingdom of Serbia.

Reading room

Is placed in Belgrade, 20 Kneza Milosa Street, on the premises of the Ministry of Finance. It involves 18 reading places, a computer and a photocopier.

External users can use the library fund only inside the reading room.

Working hours of the reading room is from 9 to 15.


Ordering and subscription

Users can order or subscribe to publications issued and printed by SORS. 

Ordering procedure:

It is necessary to contact us on biblioteka@stat.gov.rs and provide the following data:

Alternatively, publications can be ordered by phone +381 11 2412 922 ext.251.

After performed payment, SORS will deliver the ordered publication by post to the stated address, or the publication can be personally taken in the library in 5 Milana Rakića Street.  

Instruction for payment:
Аccount: 840-1562845-88
Reference number: 97 13404000401130742321
Purpose of paymentordering of the publication – title of the publication
User: Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia 


Type of publications

Statistical Release

Monthly statistical bulletin


Statistical Yearbook

Municipalities and regions

Statistical pocketbook

Demographic statistics

Methodologies and standards


Working document

Usage of ICT

Studies and analyses

Population of Serbia

Special publications

Census book

Book of Census of Agriculture



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e-mail: biblioteka@stat.gov.rs 

Library in Milana Rakica 5

Ljiljana Zeljković

Phone: +381 11 2412 922, ext. 251

Library in Kneza Milosa 20

Besa Rasic

Phone: +381 11 36 17 330


Electronic Publications

Catalogue of statistical publications 2016/2017

List of old statistical books of Kingdom of Serbs (1863-1919)

List of old statistical books of Austro-Hungarian monarchy (1887-1901)

List of old statistical books of Austrian monarchy (1828-1987)

List of old statistical books of Romania 1905

List of old statistical books of Hungary (1977-1913)

List of old statistical books of Italy (1888-1926)

List of old statistical books of Croatia (1879-1883)

List of old statistical books of France (1866-1898)

List of old statistical books of Belgium (1884-1892)

List of old statistical books of Germany (1873-1900)

List of old statistical books of Czech Republic (1885)

List of old statistical books of USA (1886-1900)