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Livestock breeding

Livestock statistics presents the data on number and livestock balance, by types and categories, number of livestock units and beehives, production of milk, eggs, wool and honey, as well as data on total slaughtered cattle and slaughtered cattle in slaughterhouses, increase of livestock and production of meat - by types of cattle. The data relate to agricultural holdings: family, unincorporated enterprises' holdings and holdings of legal entities. Since 2015, available are also the data on production of dairy products in dairy farms, for market distribution.  

Starting from 2015 available are the data on output of milk products at dairies, intended for market distribution. The authorized producers of these statistics are the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection and the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, in compliance with the Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2007 and the Annex of 2014. 

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14.02.2019. - Number of livestock, аs of 01.12.2018

According to the data presented in this statistical release, in the Republic of Serbia, as of December 1st 2018 and relative to the previous results, total number of sheep increased by 0.4%, and of goats by 7.3%, while total number of cattle decreased by 2.3%, of pigs by 4.1% and of poultry by 0.7%.

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