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06.05.2021. -
Protection against damaging water effects, 2020

The total area defended from flooding amounted to 1 579 479 hectares, presenting the increase of 5.5%, compared to 2019. Utilized agricultural land represents 77.4% of total protected land. Total length of embankment was 3 628 km. The greatest share in total protected area related to the Danube basin, 61.9%, followed by two other basins, of the Morava – 19.6% and the Sava – 18.5%.

Surface waters flooded 35 857 hectares, out of which 75.0% referred to utilized agricultural land. In the Morava basin, flooded were 21 352 hectares, presenting 79.4% of total utilized land.

Ground waters flooded 34 007 hectares, whereof 83.9% related to utilized land. The greatest share of utilized agricultural land was flooded in the Danube basin.

Drainage system covered 7.9% less land than in 2019. The Danube basin, with 1 655 thousand hectares has the greatest area covered by drainage system, followed by the Sava basin, with 427 thousand hectares and Morava, with 239 thousand hectares. Length of drainage system was by 8.3% increased, compared to the previous year.

In 2020, area of eroded land amounted to 3 864 km2, presenting the decrease of 36.6% relative to the previous year. Reclaimed land amounted to 317 km2.