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Permanent crop farming

Statistics of crop production collects the data on areas sown in spring and autumn, on harvested areas and yields for about 60 crops, on areas and yields of vineyards and orchards. The data relate to agricultural holdings: family, unincorporated enterprises' holdings and holdings of legal entities. 

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25.09.2019. - Realized production of wheat and early fruit and expected yields of late crops, fruit and grapes, status as 05.09. 2019

According to the previous data as of September 5th, 2019, realized production of wheat amounts to 2 535 thousand tons, which is by 13.8% less than the previous year production. Realized production of raspberries decreased by 5.5% and of sour cherries by 24.3%.

Expected maize production amounts to 7 501 thousand tons, which is by 7.7% more than production in the previous year. Compared to 2018, increased production is expected referring to soya (by 8.5%), and decreased production is expected referring to sunflower (by 0.6%) and sugar beet (by 0.9%).

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